Common Questions Regarding Food Supplements

How long will I need to take the supplements?

Answer: For the majority of patients, it is 3-4 months. This period is called the therapeutic phase. The goal is to get your body back to where it no longer requires therapeutic dosages.

Why can’t I simply eat the correct foods to get the nutrients I need for better health?

Answer: It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to eat and absorb enough nutrition in one day to meet their immediate needs. You would have to eat an enormous amount of nutrient rich foods at each sitting.

Your body’s first priority, regarding any nutrition coming in is to meet the body’s needs for that day. Replenishing depleted reserves and support is completed with health what is left over.

It is unlikely that your diet is composed of organically grown produce and free range animal products. the quality of conventional fruits and vegetables is lacking nutritional content due to poor soil conditions. Add in the fact that conventional foods maybe laden with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Our bodies not only have to deal with the lack of nutrients but also with the toxic residue coming into them.

Will the dosage of supplements I take initially remain the same throughout the therapeutic phase?

Answer: Your progress will be evaluated on a regular basis and as improvement is observed, the supplements and dosages will be altered accordingly.

What should I do with the supplements I was taking before starting this program?

Answer: Your body can only absorb so much each day. After reviewing your supplements, we will recommend that some or all of your supplements be continued. We will be able to guide you on the best dosages.

If there is anything you would like to take beyond what we recommend, just ask and we will guide you accordingly.

Will I need to take any supplements beyond the therapeutic Phase for maintenance?

Answer: It is likely that your diet, no matter how much you try, is not going to be perfect. therefore, our goal, with health everyone, is to eventually have them taking the least amount of supplementation needed to achieve the maximum results and enable you to use your money to purchase good food. Remember, if the foods you eat are mostly those that promote health and you eat very little of the foods that break the body down, the need for supplementation is reduced.

What makes the food supplements you recommended so unique? Can’t I just get my supplements from the health food store?

Answer: the supplements we use are from a food source. this means that they have all the components that exist in nature. the current laws dictate no differentiation between a whole food based natural supplement verses a processed synthetic vitamin. Using the word natural means nothing. Many vitamin companies use laboratory produced ingredients. This is done because it is less expensive and most people don’t know the difference between a synthetic vitamin and a whole food based supplement.

Example: the form of vitamin C sold in stores is ascorbic acid. The label on the bottle says, “Vitamin C”, but on the back label it reads, “ascorbic acid”. In nature, vitamin C exists as a complex of many substances, not just ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is one of many components in the vitamin C complex. You do not go out and eat an ascorbic acid fruit or berry. the government says it can be called vitamin C because it was the first component of the complex to be discovered and noted as such. This is why you don’t see new vitamins being named as vitamin W, etc. there are not enough letters in the alphabet to keep up with health all the new components being found in food.

Have you notice that when you take ascorbic acid your urine turns yellow? This is because your body cannot absorb high amounts of a single nutrient. Now eat an orange or a red pepper and see what happens to your urine. What happens is nothing. This is because nature put the components of food together in a special way to ensure maximum absorption and utilization.

Additionally, we may never know all that exists in food so better to take the whole than bits and pieces.

When should I take my supplements?

Answer: Unless told otherwise, after eating is the best time. The reason is that the food supplements, like your meal, need to be digested. For best utilization, the supplements should enter the digestive system when it is in full gear.

Do the supplements need to be taken with a full meal?

Answer: Even though it is recommended that they be taken at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, should you miss a dose, taking them with a snack should be fine.

What if my son/daughter can’t swallow pills/capsules?

Answer: Grind the pills up with a spoon or open the capsules up and mix them in with something such as applesauce.

What should I do with my prescription medications?

Answer: Continue taking as prescribed by your M.D. Nothing we recommend will interfere with your medications. These are food supplements and not high dose synthetic vitamins. There is a big difference between feeding the body and forcing the body to do something.

What if I don’t feel well taking the supplements?

Answer: It is rare that our patients experience any unpleasant side effects. Should you notice any unpleasant symptoms, call the office to speak to the Denise.

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